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3 Simple Tips and Tricks to help prepare for a move!


Allingham’s gives the New England 3 Simple Tips and Tricks to help prepare for a move by saving time and MONEY!

1. Be prepared by starting as early as possible and declutter.

Don’t pay people to move your unwanted items from your old house to your new one. Our suggestions include having a garage sale, giving unwanted items to charities, and doing a tip run (or two!).

2. Use the right packaging and materials.

This can be something most don’t realise, but when all boxes are of good quality and the same size, it is a lot simpler and saves time for loading and stacking into and out of the truck at the other end. Not only do uniform boxes make a difference but also the way the boxes are packed. To help with this we have a range of boxes, tape, paper, bubble wrap and more in stock of only the best quality. Because we all know there is nothing worse when relocating than taking the time and effort to pack a box to have it fall apart before or during the move.

3. Label your boxes.

Not only will finding things be easier but the removalists will be able to identify where to put the boxes on delivery. This will make the process a lot smoother and quicker

Thanks Allingham’s great tips to save time and money when moving!