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Tips For Moving In The Holiday Season

As we lead into the busy time of year for house moving Focus chats to Allingham’s about how they can move you through the silly season…

We can do as little or as much as the customer wants. We can do it all from you just walking out the door and us coming in to pack you up, supplying all the wrapping, tape, boxes etc… required for this, moving everything to your new location and then unpacking it all again for you! Of course this is what we call the full service option. We can also suggest ways of saving you money when you move.

Our advice is to do as much of the work as you can before our staff get there to put your belongings on the truck. This includes having everything packed up in boxes. No belongings left in any furniture. Using our cartons saves time and money as they are all a uniform size and are stronger than other boxes. All beds taken apart and ready to load into the truck, and having as much as possible at an easy access point meaning less time and effort for the moving team on the day. We also are happy to offer you an option of a fixed price quote or an hourly rate – the choice is yours. As this is the busiest time for moving make sure you book in early to avoid disappointment.